What is the DOPBNK Full Form? DOP Bank | DOP BNK SMS

DOP Bank full form or stand for Department of Post Bank. What is DOPBNK SMS if you receive a regular message that looks like a bank transaction from the sender named? And you’ve become more worried as a result of getting such texts.

What is the DOPBNK Full Form_ What is DOP BNK SMS_

In this post we have covered following important points.

1 DOPBNK Full Form
2 Is the DOPBNK message legal or a fake?
3 What is DOPBNK SMS?
4 What is the full form of DOP in the context of postal services in India?



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DOPBNK Full Form

‘DOPBNK’ full form in term of Post office is “Department of Postal Services”. This refers to the Indian Post Payments Bank (IPBB), which was established by the Department of Postal Services in 2017. Indirectly, this means that the IPBB is owned by the Indian government.

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Is the DOPBNK message legal or a fake?

Yes, the Department of Post has a legal SMS system. When you do a bank transaction, such as a deposit, a withdrawal, a money transfer, or paying bills, a confirmation message is sent to our registered mobile phone number.

Similarly, we receive a confirmation SMS from DOPBNK team on the registered mobile phone number whenever we make a transaction in your Post office savings bank account or India Post Payment bank account.

It ensures that (DOP Bank) DOPBNK messages are 100% legal. Each transaction in your post office account (POSB) and India Post Payment Bank account is confirmed by them.

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The sender, DOPBNK, is the post bank department from which you received the message. The message is generally received in the ‘ID-DOPBNK’ , ‘VK-DOPBNK’ , ‘IM-DOPBNK’ , ‘TD-DOPBNK’, ‘VD-DOPBNK’ format.

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Do you know the DOPBNK Full Form?

DOPBNK Full Form is “Department of Post Bank”. I’m going to show you an example of one of these messages. It’s visible from below.

DOPBNK Full Form is Department of Post Bank Message Sample
(DOP Bank ) DOPBNK Message Sample

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Indian Post Payments Bank IPPB

The Indian Post Payments Bank (IPPB) is the first payments bank, the first initiative of the Indian Postal Department, under the guidance of Department of Posts, Government of India.

The following services are provided by IPPB.

1 Saving Bank Account
2 Current Bank Account
3 Direct Benefit Payments
4 Domestic Money Transfer
5 Bill Payments & Recharge
6 Remittances & Fund Transfer

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What is the full form of DOP in the context of postal services in India?

DOP is stand for ‘Department of Post’. Customer refers to the person mentioned on the Application Form [and includes any authorised representative of the Customer acknowledged by the DOP if the context permits].

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What is the Url of India Post?

India Post is a government-run postal service in India that is governed by the Department of Post, Ministry of Communications of the Indian government.
India Post website address is https://www.indiapost.gov.in.
In India, it is frequently known to as “the Post Office.”

“Company Mail” was the name given to it when it first started.


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