Now Get Rs. 1 Lakh Personal Loan from QuickCredit App

Now Get Instantly Personal loan from Rs.1000 thousand  up to Rs.1 Lakh by Quickcredit app, Check more detail Interest Rate, Latest Review & Rating.

QuickCredit Loan

QuickCredit is one of the leading online cash and salary advance loan applications in India. Approve your loan in minutes with a paperless, online loan process and AI-based algorithms.

You can Choose the amount you want to receive and transfer it directly to your bank account. You will Get instant cash loans from Rs.1000 to Rs. 1 Lakh on the online app to meet all your financial needs from time to time.


QuickCredit Personal Loan Review & Rating

In the Google Play store, the QuickCredit Loan app has got 17,518 reviews (date 10 Oct 2022) and 2.0 ratings.


Now Get Rs. 1 Lakh Personal Loan from QuickCredit App
Get Personal Loan from QuickCredit App

QuickCredit – How to apply Personal Loan?

Here’s a step-by-step process for applying Personal Loan for a QuickCredit app.

  • First, install the app and register your name and verify mobile number
  • Fill out the online application form with the required details.
  • Upload a scanned copy of required documents
  •  Documentation will be verified by the issuer before approval.
  • Once the loan is approved, the loan will be credited to the active bank account. They claimed that they approved the application within 1 hour.


How much Personal Loan can I get from QuickCredit App?

QuickCredit Provides Personal loan from Rs.1000 up to Rs.1 Lakh. By the way, the final loan amount depends on the Applicant’s Profile.


How much time does it take for Personal loan approval by QuickCredit ?

Once you submit your basic information such as current selfie address proof, identity proof, to the QuickCredit app, the QuickCredit app claims to take only 1 hour to process and approve your application and credit your loan amount to the bank account without any Physical Verification.

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QuickCredit – Eligibility Criteria for Personal Loan

Here are the eligibility criteria for applicants who want to get an app from the QuickCredit app.

  • Applicants must be at least 21 years of age.
  • The applicant must be an Indian citizen.
  • You must have a Good amount of income per month.


QuickCredit – Interest rate for Personal Loan

The interest rate for QuckCredit loans is 24%-30% per annum. By the way, The interest rate depends on the applicant’s portfolio, loan amount, and Loan Tenure.


QuickCredit – Documents required for Personal Loan

Here are the documents you need for personalization in the QuickCredit app.

  • PAN card
  • Address Proof (Aadhar Card / Passport/ Voter ID Card / Driving License)
  • Identity Proof (Aadhaar Card / Voter ID Card / Driving License )
  • Latest Salary Slip
  • Bank statement of last 6 months


Who can take Personal Loan from QuickCredit?

Every person can take a personal loan from the QuickCredit app if they are eligible for this. Basically, if applicants’ age is a minimum of 21 years old and you have a good amount of Monthly income, you can get this.


How to get a Personal loan from QuickCredit App?

First Register yourself via the website or the Quick Credit mobile app, fill out a few basic details, verify your eligibility, get instant approval, and get done. It transfers money to your bank account within 5 minutes subject to documentation, after approving your application.


QuickCredit Loan Apps– Feature and Benefit

Loan Feature:
  • Loans are extremely flexible, with no hidden costs.
  • Interest and fees are calculated on a daily basis.
  • You can log in to your account and under Repayment Payment, you can view arrears until today. So, you only pay for what you use.
  • There is no pre-closure charge.
  • There is no repayment and no term for the loan.
  • The maximum payment period is 30 days. The faster you pay, the lower the interest and fees.


Loan Benefits:
  • The application is completely online.
  • Fast, secure, and easy application process.
  • No hassle of busy paperwork and security.
  • There is no hidden cost.
  • Instant and easy approval.
  • Money is transferred directly to your account, instantly.
  • No documents to fax.
  • Reliable customer service.
  • The simplest, fastest, and most flexible online fintech platform.

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