ICICI Bank – Personal Loan Offers Details

This blog is based on ICICI Bank Personal Loan Scheme. In this article, we have covered the following topics Personal Loan, Interest Rate, Document,  how to apply for a loan, & Benefits and features of Loan.

Personal Loan – ICICI Bank Basic Details

1 ICICI BANK Personal Loan Interest Rate – 10.99% p.a. onwards
2 ICICI BANK Personal – Loan Amount – Up to Rs.20 lakh
3 ICICI BANK Personal – Processing Fee – 2.25% of the loan amount + GST
4 ICICI BANK Personal – Loan Tenure – Up to 5 years


ICICI personal Loan


ICICI Bank – Personal Loan 

A personal account from ICICI Bank helps you to meet your various financial needs during emergencies. It is an unsecured loan and can be used to pay for wedding expenses, pay medical bills, go on your dream vacation, or renovate your home. Basically, it provides personal loans of up to Rs.25 lakh at competitive rates starting at 10.5% p.a.

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How much Personal Loan can I get from ICICI Bank?

ICICI Bank provides to their customer Personal loans up to 25 lakh. You can use this money for your Travel Vacation, Wedding or anything.


How much time does it take for Personal loan approval in ICICI Bank?

Approval may take 2-3 business days depending on the Lender and Branch office. Authorization may take longer if your documents are not growing. So, before submitting your loan application, make sure that you have thoroughly checked the documents required for the loan.

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ICICI Bank – Eligibility Criteria for Personal Loan 

ICICI Personal Loan – Eligibility Criteria for Self Employed or Businessman:

  1. Age must be 25 years (for doctors) and 28 years (for self-employed individuals) to 65 years.
  2. Minimum Profit After Tax should be Rs.1 lakh for non-professionals and Rs.2 lakh for self-employed individuals.
  3. As per Financial Audited, Annually Turnover is a minimum of Rs. 40 lakh for non-professionals and  Rs. 15 lac for professionals.
  4. Current Business Stability is at least 5 years and minimum 3 years for doctors.
  5. You have a minimum 1-year relationship with ICICI Bank.

Eligibility Criteria for Salaried Person

  1. Your Minimum monthly salary is Rs.30,000.
  2. Your age limit must be greater than 23 and less than 58.
  3. Minimum 1 Year in current residence
  4. Minimum service of 2 years

ICICI Bank – Interest rate for Personal Loan 

The interest rate of the ICICI Personal Loan is starting from 10.5% to 19% per annum. And, if your payment is late, the Additional Interest is 24% per annum.

ICICI Bank – documents required for Personal Loan

For Salaried Person:

  1. Identity Proof (PAN card, Voter ID Card, driving license, passport)
  2. Address Proof ( passport, electricity bills, Driving License, rent agreement)
  3. Bank statements for the last 3 months
  4. Salary slips for the last 3 months
  5. 2 passport size photographs

For Self-Employed or Business Person:

  1. KYC Document (ID proof, residence proof, Aadhaar Card, proof of date of birth)
  2. Income Proof: Audited financial statements for the last 2 years
  3. Proof of office or residence ownership
  4. Bank statements for the last 6 months
  5. Proof of Business address
  6. Registration Certificate of your Business

Who can take a Personal Loan from ICICI Bank?

Anyone can take a personal loan in ICICI bank if they are Eligible according to ICICI Bank Criteria.

How to apply Personal Loan – ICICI Bank?

Through ICICI Bank’s personal loan, you can get instant payments for a wide range of your personal needs.

With the help of minimum documents, you can now get a personal loan of up to Rs. 25 lakh at 10.5% interest.

Typically, There are 2 ways to get Personal Loan:

  1. Online Mode: You can visit their official website to apply for this loan.
  2.  Offline Mode: You can fill the application form and submit it to the nearest branch.

ICICI Bank Personal Loan: Feature and Benefit

  1. The Loan Amount will credit within 3 seconds after approved
  2. The interest rate of the loan will remain fixed for the entire tenure of the loan.
  3. Loans: up to Rs.25 lakh.
  4. Minimal documentation.
  5. You need not provide any security or collateral fees.
  6. Flexible repayment tenures.


Details about ICICI Bank Personal Loan Schemes 

Basically, These are the 5 loans that are under ICICI Bank Personal Loan Schemes.

  1. Wedding Loan
  2. Holiday Loan
  3. Home Renovation
  4. Top-Up Loan
  5. Fresher Funding

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Reference of Content:   ICICI Bank Offical Website

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