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Google Pay Loans Offer 

Google Pay provides a technology platform to showcase the Loan offered by the credit institution. You have to understand and agree that the terms and conditions of such Facility will be ruled by the loan agreement executed between you and the Bank or credit institution. Google Pay or Tez is not a Third-party service to such loan agreements. Google Pay’s role in such loan transactions Payment Gateway platform.

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Google Pay Loan


What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is a digital wallet platform and online payment system which is made and designed by Google. It is the simplest way to make online, and personal contactless purchases on Google mobile devices, enabling users to pay with an Android phone, tablet.

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How to Apply Google Pay Loan?

Here are the step by step process to apply for G Pay Loan

  1. First, Open the Google Pay app in your Smartphone.
  2. In the “Money” section, tap Loan. In the “Offers” tab, you will find pre-qualified loan offers available to you. You can tap the notification of the Google Pay loan offer.
  3. Select the pre-eligible loan offer you want. You will be asked to provide some personal details, such as employment information.
  4. Tap Continue. You will receive an OTP via Normal Mobile SMS.
  5. Enter OTP and Submit.


Can I get a Loan from Google Pay Loan?

Basically, anyone can not get a loan from Google Pay. There are some factors to get this loan. These factors are;

  1. Your Google Pay transaction data
  2. Google’s estimates of your population are based on your activity when signing in to Google Pay Account and other Google services like YouTube and Google Search.
  3. Lender’s eligibility criteria for the personal loan of the payer.
  4. Because you turned off personalization of ads, personalization with Google Pay, or personalization via web and app activity settings.


Google Pay Loan – Fees and Charges

Google does not get any extra fees from the user. Loan Amount Credit Institution may charge you a service fee for instant processing of instant benefits and stamp duty charges, which will be specified to you in the loan application and will be deducted from the Facility benefits amount.


How to check the status of the Google Pay Loan Application?

Here are the step by step processes to check the Google Pay Loan Status:

  • After opening G Pay App, Go to the “Loan” Tab. 

Look at the following google loan application status:

  • Progress: The lender is still processing your loan application.
  • Pre-approved: Your application is approved.
  • Not eligible: Your loan application has been rejected.
  • Select the pre-approved option.
  • Choose the loan amount and duration of your loan.
  • Tap Detailed Review.
  • Fill in the required KYC information and bank details, which include your payment plan.
  • Read the terms and conditions of the bank.
  • Accept and tap Apply. You will receive an OTP via Normal Mobile SMS.
  • Enter OTP and Submit.


Google Pay Loan Top Features & Benefits

EMI Payment Reminder

If you set contact benefits to your Credit Institution, the G Pay app reminds you to pay the EMI Payments for your Financial Credit institution or Bank.

Repayment of Loan Facility Amount

After the EMI due date, Your loan amount money of the EMI payment will be debited directly from your account by your credit institution with an interest rate. 

Transaction made in High Security

We all know Google is the world’s largest and No.1 Tech Company in the world. So, if you have to no doubt in their security system. Your transaction will be made insecure.

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