Two Wheeler Insurance – How to buy and Renew

Get details about the Two Wheeler Insurance – How to buy and Renew.

Two-wheeler insurance, also known as bike insurance, is a policy that protects your motorbike or scooter from damage caused by an accident, theft, or natural catastrophe. Two-wheeler insurance protects you from third-party liabilities resulting from injury to one or more people.

Bike insurance is an excellent way to cover the financial costs and losses that may come as a result of damage to the motorcycle. All types of two-wheelers, such as motorcycles, motor bikes, scootys, and scooters, are covered under the bike insurance policy.

Two Wheeler Insurance - How to buy and Renew

Bike Insurance

Bike insurance is an agreement between the bike owner and the insurance company in which the insurance company protects the bike owner financially in the event of a loss or damage caused by an accident.

Third-party motorcycle insurance is required in India under the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. Bike insurance protects you in the event of an accident when riding a two-wheeler or motorcycle on Indian roads. To avoid a 2,000-rupee fee, purchase or renew two-wheeler insurance online for up to three years in 30 seconds.


Types of bike insurance plans in india

In India, there are mainly two kinds of two-wheeler insurance coverage offered by insurance companies. You can get both Third Party and Complete bike insurance. For more information, see the links below:

  1. Third Party Bike Insurance

Third-party insurance protects you from financial losses caused by a third-bodily party’s injury or death, as well as any damage to that person’s property. Third-party insurance is legally required.

2. Comprehensive insurance 

Comprehensive insurance provides complete coverage for your two-wheeler in the event of an accident, fire, theft, or earthquake.


Best reasons to buy bike insurance online

There are seven reasons to buy bike insurance online.

The following are some important points to consider before purchasing two-wheeler insurance online from govt site and taking advantage of certain additional benefits:

7 reasons to buy bike insurance online

1 Quick Two Wheeler / Bike Policy Issuance
2 Pay No Extra Charges / fees
3 No previous two-wheeler policy information is required.
4 Easy buy or Renewal of Expired Policy
5 Quick Claim Settlement
6 No Inspection or Documentation
7 Online Support



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