How to Get the BEST TWO-WHEELER LOAN in 2021

With a two-wheeler loan, you may purchase a bike of your choosing at a reasonable interest rate and monthly EMIs that don’t break the bank.

  1. Are you thinking of taking a two-wheeler on loan?
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The ability and ease of zooming through the traffic makes the two-wheeler a top choice among Indians. For some, it may be easier to go for a four-wheeler counterpart, but those who can’t just keep their savings for transportation can get this fast mode of transportation on easy credit. Read More loan detail-  PNB Bank Bike Loan – How to apply online | Offer by PNB

Getting a two-wheeler loan is not as difficult as it used to be. Anyone can easily benefit from a motorbike loan that can even be paid by your bike dealer and is as easy step as clicking a few buttons. If you agree to apply for a two-wheeler loan, there are a number of important reasons that need to be confirmed in advance.

Why is the term of the loan important?

The term ‘term’ is the amount of time given to a borrower to repay a loan taken from a financial institution. It is measured in terms of years. Lenders like banks will consider your age, repayment capacity, and maturity before setting interest rates. A common mistake a borrower makes is to overemphasize EMI charges on maturity and interest rates. other loan option – Bank of Baroda Bike Loans | Baroda Two Wheeler Loan

Guide of choosing the best two-wheeler loan tenure

1st Year Loan Term: Ideally for customers who can pay higher EMI at lower interest rates. The cost of ownership here is a factor that is considered by the buyer and this group of buyers has a stable income and would like to own the car immediately. Read more loan offer Axis Bank offers Loan on Two Wheeler | Bike Loan

2nd Year Loan Term: This is the most balanced term. Buyers who fall into the middle-income segment choose this term because the amount of EMI and the associated interest costs are considered optimal compared to the 3 or 4 year term.

3rd Year Loan Term: If you are a person who wants to optimize monthly cash flow at a high-interest rate through low EMI, this term is ideal for you. But why are high-interest rates applied on long-term loans?

This is because the longer the term, the higher the cost of acquisition, so some moneylenders may charge higher interest rates to meet the uncertainty.


The advantage of choosing EMI on Loan Repayment

There are endless benefits to choosing an EMI. 

1 The first and foremost advantage of buying a two-wheeler through EMI is that you don’t have to pay in full. 
2 With EMI or equal monthly installments, you can pay a portion of it every month. 
3 Regular timely payments can improve your credit profile.

It may help you collect other loans in the future, such as home loans, personal loans, and so on.

4 The funds you have saved can be used in crisis or emergency situations and can also be invested in stocks, shares, etc., which can develop the habit of saving.



Now, you are thinking, should your loan term be considered before taking it? 

Yes, You can.

But you should keep in mind that there is no ideal term because it varies from person to person. Basically, It depends on the needs and ability of the borrower. If someone wants to save on interest rate’s cost, choosing a shorter term is the best option. The same goes for EMI amounts. If you want to pay less EMI then consider taking a long term. 

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