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This blog is based on “Get Instant Personal Loan from Kissht App”. Kissht App is the best loan app for Personal Loans with low-interest rates.

Personal Loan from Kissht App

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Do you want to get an instant personal loan/Online Shopping Loan? 

Kissht is the best online/ digital platform for instant Pre Approved loans / Personal loans /Online Shopping loans, etc. Kissht app /website operated by ONEMi Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Kissht app:  This provides Quick Personal Loan, Online Shopping Loan.

Get Instant Personal Loan from Kissht App
Instant Kissht Loan

How much loan can I get from Kissht?

Kissht App is the fastest credit lending app in India. It offers its users a credit limit of Rs. 10000 to Rs.1 Lakh. You can also get an Instant Personal Loan of Rs. 50000 within a few minutes.


How much time will it take for my personal loan to get approved?

Once you submit your  Address Proof, Photo, Aadhar Number, and if your Account is Approved, Your Personal loan amount will be credited directly into your bank account within 48-72 Hours or 2-3 working days.


What is the interest rate of a Kissht Personal loan?

The interest rate for Kissht loans is 18% annually with a Processing fee of Rs. 750 (Tenure or Claim for 12 months).

For example, 

  • Your Loan Amount: 30000 INR
  • Interest Rate: 18% 
  • Claim or Tenure: 12 months
  • Interest Payable: Rs. 3005
  • EMI: Rs. 2750 Per month


What are the documents required for a Kissht loan?

There are only 3 Required Documents you need to be uploaded in the Kissht App.

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar (Address Proof) Card
  • Cheque

In some cases, When you fill the above basic requirements, you may be asked 1-2 additional documents based on your profile. Such as 3 Months Bank Statement, Utility Bill (Electric Bill, Gas Bill, etc).



Who can take Loan from Kissht?

As an Indian, If your monthly salary is a minimum of Rs. 15000 or if you are a  self-employed or Businessman with a minimum annual income of Rs. 1.2 lakh, You will get a loan from Kissht App.

 How to get a loan from the Kissht app?

Applicants can apply for a personal loan from Kissht App by installing the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

After that, register yourself and verify your Mobile Number.
 Then fill up your details and upload the required document. Waiting for approval. That’s it.


How to apply for a personal loan in Kissht apps?

  • Visit’s official website or download the app from Google Playstore.
  • Click ‘Apply Now’ at the top right of the page.
  • Then, Click on the Sign-in Button.
  • Either Login to your Account using Username and Password or Create New Account by clicking on Register Now.
  • Select Now Product.
  • Register Basic Detail and Upload Document.
  • After approval, the loan amount will be credited to your Bank Account.


What is the eligibility for Kissht loan / Personal Loan Eligibility?

  • You Must be an Indian citizen.
  • Your age must be a minimum of 21 Years old.
  • If you are doing Job, Your salary must be a minimum of R.s 12000 Per month.
  • Or If you are a self-employed or business person with a minimum annual income of Rs.1.2 lakh.

Feature and Benefit of Kissht apps

  • Instant Approval For Loan
  • Reasonable Interest Rates for all categories of people
  • No Offline Paperwork, 100% Digital Process
  • Freedom to choose repayment tenure.
  • Multiple Repayment Options

 How to download Kissht Loan apps.

  • Open Google Play Store on your Phone or App Store on your Smartphone.
  • Search Kissht app.
  • Then, Click on Install Button.

That’s it.

Note: You can also use their website to apply for Personal Loan.

Kissht Loan apps Review  & Feedback /App rating

Kissht app rating scores well as per google play store. Before apply for Kissht loan, read carefully all terms & Conditions.

Kissht App Review

Rating ★★★★☆ (4.4)
Loan Queries Email Id
Quick Chat WhatsApp +91 22 4891 3631


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