Former RNC Chair Shoots Down Donald Trump’s Latest Claim

Alright, let’s dive into this recent drama with former President Donald Trump and his legal woes. Michael Steele, the former chair of the Republican National Committee, didn’t waste any time in mocking Trump’s latest claim, calling it “laughable.”


Former RNC Chair Shoots Down Donald Trump’s Latest Claim

After Trump’s announcement that he might face indictment in the special counsel investigation into the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection, he tried to portray himself as the victim, telling his supporters that he “didn’t know practically what a subpoena was” before becoming the subject of the probe. But Steele wasn’t buying it, not for a second.

Steele Mocks Trump's Claim.

With an air of disbelief, Steele asked, “How many times has this dude been sued?” Afterward, he confidently presented a series of sharp comments, accompanied by subtle eye rolls, revealing Trump’s evident lack of understanding regarding subpoenas.


“‘I practically don’t know what a subpoena is,’ “Steele mocked, imitating Trump. The one-time GOP leader called it a “deflection lie” and proceeded to lay down some hard truths.

“You are a New York real estate tycoon, a billionaire, as you like to tell us. You mean to tell me that in all the times you’ve been running your companies, you’ve never received a subpoena? I think that’s pretty well-documented at this point,” Steele remarked, putting Trump’s claim under scrutiny.

Steele saw right through Trump’s attempts to play the victim, especially with his dedicated audience that seems to take everything he says at face value.


“They eat it whole, completely digesting it, with all the pits and rind included,” Steele pointedly remarked, illustrating the level of devotion some of Trump’s followers have.

“They couldn’t care less,” Steele added, “Even if Donald Trump stands up and declares, ‘I had no idea there was a moon orbiting the earth,’ they would unquestioningly buy into it.” In essence, Michael Steele’s response to Trump’s recent assertion was unreserved and candid.

He exposed the seemingly baseless nature of Trump’s victimhood narrative and highlighted the inconsistency of his statements, leaving little room for doubt. This exchange serves as yet another chapter in the ongoing saga of Trump’s legal battles and his relationship with his fervent supporters.


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