Bihar: Dengue Cases Surge in Patna; Health Department Establishes Dedicated Wards

Patna, Bihar – September 14, 2023 – In a concerning development, the city of Patna in Bihar has witnessed a significant surge in dengue cases in recent weeks. With an increasing number of residents falling ill due to the mosquito-borne disease, the Bihar Health Department has taken swift action to address the situation by establishing separate wards to provide specialized care and treatment to those affected by dengue.

Bihar Rising Dengue Cases Raise Alarm 

The spike in dengue cases has raised alarm among health officials and the local community. Patna, being one of Bihar’s largest cities, has been grappling with a sudden surge in patients reporting dengue symptoms, including high fever, severe joint and muscle pain, and rash. Health authorities have been working diligently to manage the situation and prevent the further spread of the disease.

Bihar : Health Department’s Response

To effectively manage the growing number of dengue cases, the Bihar Health Department has set up dedicated wards within healthcare facilities across Patna. These specialized wards are equipped with trained medical staff and resources to provide prompt and focused care to dengue patients.


Key Measures Implemented:

  1. Dedicated Wards: The establishment of separate wards ensures that dengue patients receive specialized medical attention, reducing the risk of the disease spreading within hospitals.
  2. Increased Testing: Health officials are actively conducting dengue tests to promptly diagnose and isolate cases.
  3. Public Awareness Campaigns: The health department has initiated public awareness campaigns to educate residents about dengue prevention measures, including the importance of maintaining clean and mosquito-free environments.
  4. Vector Control: Authorities are intensifying efforts to control the mosquito population through mosquito fogging and larvicide treatments in affected areas.
  5. Collaboration with Local Authorities: The health department is collaborating with local authorities to identify areas with a high prevalence of dengue cases and take necessary preventive actions.

Preventing Dengue: A Community Effort

Health experts emphasize that preventing dengue requires a collective effort. Residents are urged to take precautions such as using mosquito nets, wearing long-sleeved clothing, and using mosquito repellent to protect themselves from mosquito bites. Additionally, eliminating stagnant water in containers and maintaining clean surroundings can help reduce mosquito breeding sites.

Stay Informed and Vigilant

As the health department works tirelessly to manage the dengue outbreak, residents are encouraged to stay informed about the latest updates and guidelines provided by health authorities. Timely reporting of symptoms and seeking medical attention can significantly contribute to effective disease management and prevention.

The Bihar Health Department remains committed to addressing the dengue outbreak in Patna and is closely monitoring the situation. Collaboration between healthcare professionals, local authorities, and the community is essential to mitigate the spread of dengue and protect the health of residents in the region.


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