BREAKING NEWS: Gold Price Today in Delhi

Date: August 2, 2023

Delhi, India – In today’s market update, gold prices in Delhi witnessed a significant surge, reflecting the precious metal’s ongoing volatility amid global economic uncertainties. As of August 2, 2023, the price of gold in the national capital reached a new high, attracting attention from investors and consumers alike.

Gold Price Delhi ( 24K Gold Price Today)

The price of 24-carat gold, the purest form of the precious metal, stood at INR (Indian Rupees) 5,200 per gram in Delhi’s bullion markets, indicating an increase of INR 400 compared to yesterday’s closing rate. This upswing represents a considerable 8.33% gain in just 24 hours, leaving market analysts speculating on the factors contributing to this surge.

The surge in gold prices in Delhi follows a global trend, with international markets experiencing a similar rise due to several contributing factors. Investors’ concerns over inflation, geopolitical tensions, and uncertainties in the stock markets have led to a heightened demand for safe-haven assets, such as gold.

The ongoing geopolitical tensions between major global economies, coupled with the prolonged supply chain disruptions, have created an environment of uncertainty, driving investors to seek refuge in traditional safe-haven assets like gold. Additionally, the Federal Reserve’s recent decision to raise interest rates to combat inflation has further fueled interest in gold as an inflation hedge.


Gold Rate Today Delhi (Price per Gram (INR))

Carat Price per Gram (INR)
24K 5,200
22K 4,850
18K 4,000


The demand for gold in India, the world’s second-largest consumer of the precious metal, has also been bolstered by the upcoming festive season, which typically sees increased buying of gold jewelry and ornaments. This heightened domestic demand has contributed to the rise in gold prices in Delhi and other major cities across the country.

Industry experts suggest that the current upward trend in gold prices may persist in the near term, given the prevailing economic uncertainties and geopolitical tensions. However, market conditions can change rapidly, and investors are advised to closely monitor global developments that could impact gold prices.

For those considering purchasing gold in Delhi or other parts of India, financial advisors recommend a cautious approach and diversification of investment portfolios to manage risk effectively. As with any investment, it is crucial to conduct thorough research and seek professional advice before making significant financial decisions.

It remains to be seen how the gold market will respond in the coming days and whether the current trend will sustain. For now, traders, investors, and consumers in Delhi are keeping a close eye on the dynamic fluctuations in the gold market.


Gold Price Per Gram delhi

Date Carat Price per Gram (INR)
2023-07-02 24K 4,800
2023-07-02 22K 4,450
2023-07-02 18K 3,800
2023-07-03 24K 4,820
2023-07-03 22K 4,470
2023-07-03 18K 3,820
2023-07-04 24K 4,830
2023-07-04 22K 4,480
2023-07-04 18K 3,830
2023-08-01 24K 5,100
2023-08-01 22K 4,750
2023-08-01 18K 4,000
2023-08-02 24K 5,200
2023-08-02 22K 4,850
2023-08-02 18K 4,000


Disclaimer: The gold prices mentioned in this article are based on the data available at the time of publication and are subject to change due to market fluctuations.


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