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This blog is based on PaySense App – Personal Loan App  – Interest Rate for Personal Loan.

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PaySense App Provide Instant Personal Loan with EMI

1 PaySense offer Loan Amount – Rs. 5000 to 500000
2 PaySense Personal Loan Interest Rate – 1.4% – 2.3% per month
3  Processing fee – 2.5% of the Loan amount.


PaySense App About 

PaySense Instant Personal Loan is for all your personal needs or dreams that you may not be able to meet due to a financial crisis.

PaySense is a personal loan app that offers personal loans from Rs. 5000 to 500000 rupees with an attractive interest rate, zero security. EMI.


PaySense App  Review & Rating

In the Google Play store, the PaySense Loan app has got 79,169 reviews and 4.1 ratings.

PaySense: Personal Loan App, Apply Online

How to Apply for PaySense Personal Loan?

The process of getting a personal loan through Paysense is easy, fast, and affordable. You need to follow these steps to get instant credit.

  • Install the application from Play Store.
  •  Register yourself through your mobile number.
  • Fill in the required personal details and submit KYC documents. 
  • The application is reviewed online as soon as possible. 

After reviewing the application, the agreement is signed online and the loan amount is disbursed.


Can I get a Personal Loan from PaySense App?

Obviously, you can get a loan from the PaySense Loan app, if you qualify according to the app criteria.

PaySense: Interest Rate for Personal Loan

The interest rates of PaySense personal loans is starting from 1.4% – 2.3% per month.

PaySense: Fees and Charges for Personal Loan

PaySense charges a processing fee of up to 2.5% of the processing amount. Standard GST is also applied. And, if you are late for payment in EMI, you have to pay the flat rate of Rs. 500 + GST.


Pre-payment charges or Foreclosure Charges:

Loan forecasting can be requested only after the successful payment of the first 3 EMI. During foreclosure, you will have to pay an additional 4% charge on the principal arrears.


What is the eligibility criteria of PaySense Personal Loan?

  • Applicants must be a citizen of India and whose age is between 21 and 60 years.
  • For Salaried Person, The monthly net income for Rs.12000.
  • For Self-employed Persons, The monthly net income for Rs.15000.
  • You must be based in any one of the cities where PaySense is available.

Document Required for Personal Loan – PaySense App

Basically, there are few documents required for the PaySense Personal Loan Application which are 

  • Clear Selfie image
  • PAN card
  • Identity Proof (Aadhar card / Voter card /  Driving license )
  • Permanent Address Proof (Aadhar card / Voter card /  Driving license / Electricity Bill / Passport)
  • Login Information of Net Banking.

PaySense: Personal Loan Top Features & Benefits

Here are some features of the PaySense Instant Personal Loan app:

  • Instant Personal Loans: PaySense disburses instant personal loans.
  • Zero Credit History: PaySense does not require you to have a high credit score.
  • Quick Approval: Pay-Sense approves loans within 2 hours.
  • Affordable EMI Plan: PaySense offers personal loans at attractive interest rates
  • One-Click Next Loans: Once you are registered and transact through PaySense, you can get the next loan faster and easier.

Here are some benefits of the PaySense Instant Personal Loan app:

  • Minimum Documentation: For the PaySense Instant app, you only need to submit a few documents to apply for.
  • No Time Consuming: The entire application process for PaySense takes just a few minutes. Then, after approval, the loan amount is transferred directly to your bank account.
  • There are no restrictions on end use: Being an unsecured being, there are no restrictions on where you can spend the loan amount.
  • Flexible Payments: The PaySense online app offers flexible payment plans so you can get your money back without breaking your bank account.
  • EMI Calculator: You can calculate your EMI on the PaySense website and app. 
  • No collateral: Personal loans are unsecured, you don’t need to have any collateral to get personal loans.Reference: Google Play Store PaySense App | PaySense: Personal Loan App, Apply Online

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