Find Passport Book Number in Indian Passport Online

If you’ve travelled abroad, you’ve almost certainly obtained a passport. It is, after all, one of the most necessities for individuals to own. A passport is essentially a document of identity for someone travelling internationally. Whether you are from India or another nation, it is critical that you obtain a passport in order to ensure that your travel experience is trouble-free.

Find Passport Book Number

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Do you know the passport card?

The authorities at the airport and officials in the nation you are visiting will verify your passport to ensure that you have been granted permission to enter the other country. So, there is no doubt that possessing a passport is essential if you wish to go to any other nation without difficulty.

One of the reasons why individuals are so ready to get their passports printed is because of this. Candidates must apply for a passport at a passport office and provide all required documentation.

Candidates are given passports following comprehensive verification of their information and documentation, allowing them to travel in a foreign nation without problem. As a result, be certain that you are well-versed in the matter.

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What is the Passport Book Number?

The inventory control number is another name for the passport book number. This unique passport book number is given to you by the government when you apply for a passport. As a result, there’s no denying that each person’s passport book number is unique.

The inventory control number is also known as the passport book number. When you apply for a passport, you will be given a unique passport book number. As a result, there is no dispute that each person’s passport book number is unique.

One issue that people should be aware of is that the passport book number is not available in all country’ passports. So whether you obtain a passport book number or not depends on your nation.

It is important to read ahead for those who want to learn more about the passport book number.


How to Find the Passport Book Number in an Indian Passport Online

To be honest mate, Indian passports lack a passport book number, which most nations are unaware of. As a result, they will not be able to locate a passport book number in an Indian passport.

If you’re filling out the DS-160 form to apply for an Indian passport, use the ‘does not apply’ option.

People frequently make the mistake of assuming that the passport number and the passport book number are the same. These, on the other hand, are completely different.



What is Passport Seva Information?

Website of Passport Seva Information is

Passport Seva is the new online portal of the Indian Government for the citizens to apply for a passport and related services. It is a one-stop solution for all passport and related services and information. It is a self-service portal which gets all the information from applicants through a questionnaire and provides them with necessary information and services, which they need to avail in order to get their desired services.

The project Passport Seva was launched by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in 2010.

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How to Locate Passport Seva Kendra?

Using the official website of Passport India, you can easily find the location of passport offices.

Find Passport seva Kendra
Find Passport seva Kendra

In India, what types of passports are available?

India provided the following three types of passports:

Types of passports

1 Ordinary Passport
2 Diplomatic Passport
3 Official Passport

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Website for apply Passport or Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) 

  1. Using given below url easily to apply Passport or PPC.
  2. You can easily apply for a passport or PPC by using the URL provided below.
  3. Website url is
  4. In the above url use for fill up the application for PPC.

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Source: Indian Gov Website

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